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Holiday apartments



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Plus factors of our serviced apartments

Plus factor 1

Our benchmark: "We would like to move in as well ourselves."


We always furnish our apartments just the way we would furnish our own homes.


Harmonious color concepts dominate the style of the apartments. Carfully selected furniture in combination with lovely decoration details creates a feelgood atmosphere in your temporary homes.


A fully equipped kitchen with new crockery and modern kitchen equipement goes without saying. So, the potential tenant only needs to bring his personal belongings to almost feel at home.

A constant upkeeping and the highest cleaning standards are an absolute must to maintain our little "oases".


Plus factor 2

We offer informative pictures and detailed information


Due to our many years of experience, we know how important it is to provide accurate and detailed information about the apartment and its location.

In order to know exactly what you are booking without a preliminary visit, we have compiled a wealth of pictures and detailed information on this website.


And if you need further information, we are also available for a personal discussion.


So you can be sure - even without a prior visit - to rent a holiday apartment - furnished apartment on time, which fully meets their expectations.


Plus factor 3

Central, traffic-technically good location and pleasant, safe living environment.


The satisfaction of our tenants is very important to us.

This also applies to the location of the apartments:


In every major city, there are areas or streets where it's best not to live. Of course, this also applies to Saarbrücken.

We only offer apartments there - or, as we prefer to say - furnished apartments on time, where we personally like the living environment and we can say: "Here we would like to live".


And so that tenants who are traveling without a car in Saarbrücken, get along well, are our apartments in Lagen, from where you can reach the city center on foot or where the public transport is almost on your doorstep.


Plus factor 4

High quality at a low price.


Our prices are not higher than a sleeping place in a youth hostel, sometimes even lower.


And do not forget: all rental prices are flat rate prices, i. All additional costs - including the costs for the provision of Internet, electricity, water and heating - are included in the price and there are no additional costs for additional costs.


So you are safe from unpleasant surprises at the end of the rental period.


For a rental period of one month, the lease is contractually recorded.


And the best part: Since all holiday apartments are in their own possession, no commission is payable!


By the way, it should be mentioned at this point, that guests, the longer stay with us not only book a holiday apartment, but for all technical problems and much more with us always have a contact person who takes care of the solution to the problem.


So you book not just a furnished temporary apartment, but an all-round carefree package. Thatswhy the name "serviced apartment" !

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